Claire S. Cabot

Cooking Through History

A comprehensive manual on How to Give a Theme Party with instructions for ten dinner parties, a cocktail party, a lady’s lunch, and a family brunch.

Literary Terrorist

Literary Terrorist is the second in a series about Adelaide Stubbs, a successful international jet-setting handwriting analyst who solves mysteries with her unique skill. Adelaide is accompanied by her often amusing husband, Butch, who owns explosives and ammunition company.


The Coronavirus Collaborative Diary

It’s safe to say that, without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the course of humanity forever. In 2019, the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, spread worldwide, endangering people of all backgrounds.

As the world’s governments work together to help contain the virus through various means, many people have coped with the virus’ impact in many ways. From baking bread, sharing recipes, and even working on a collaborative diary. “The Coronavirus Collaborative” is an example of the latter.

Compiled by seasoned author Claire S. Cabot with the help of friends and family, they showcase what it means to survive through an impending pandemic. From sharing recipes, creating poems, and providing journal entries, each collaborator comes from different parts of the world, displaying their talents and cultural and social experiences. Despite the differences between culture, government mandates, and the like—this collaborative project incorporates one unifying message: We are not alone.

The book signifies an underlying theme of what human tenacity is capable of. While the virus has been ongoing, human innovation is not limited. One year later, several companies have already created vaccines that will hinder the virus’ effects. The shared diary also highlights the ever-amusing timeline of the modern-day quarantine life. While pandemic fatigue certainly grips us all, the message of hope and using our creativity to survive is what makes all of us so universally human. From finding humor to celebrating families long after they have passed—there is no doubt that the great pandemic will impact our psyche for a long time.

In summary, this is a great and inspiring read. I urge anyone living through pandemic fatigue to read this creative collaboration. While it has taken us years to recover from the pandemic’s effects, the book demonstrates a key example of how we can share our experiences for future generations to come.

– The Moving Words Review

Making a Killing

Claire S. Cabot delivers another thrilling continuation to her Adelaide Stubbs Mystery series. In “Making a Killing,” we start with the sudden death of Anthony Evans, world-renown CEO of a large mining company.

Like many CEOs, Anthony Evans has made enemies along his journey to the top. With the news of his death making waves worldwide, the media and the authorities target their primary suspect—John Hartley, also known as the company’s chief financial officer.

With John’s reputation slowly ripped to shreds by the unfair coverage, Priscilla Hartley, John’s devoted wife, refuses to stand by and let things slide. After contacting Adelaide Stubbs for her expertise in handwriting analysis, we delve into the culprit’s mind behind the act as we navigate the corrupt world of the elite.

With colorful characters, incredible pacing, and coded messages— “Making a Killing” has all the ingredients of what makes a fantastic series.

With colorful characters, incredible pacing, and coded messages— “Making a Killing” has all the ingredients of what makes a fantastic series.

While Adelaide is undoubtedly the star of her series with her cheeky sense of humor and intellect, I have also immensely enjoyed the other characters being portrayed.

Each character played a crucial role in unweaving the intricate conspiracy in their midst, which could easily be overwhelming. Still, the author does it effortlessly with style. As an added bonus, the author’s vivid description of the story’s settings shows her penchant for setting the scene as vividly as possible—a talent only a true writer could pull.

Fans of the Adelaide Stubbs Mystery Series would greatly appreciate this addition, especially since a few characters from her previous work made another appearance in this book. New readers won’t miss out on the author’s incredible talent if they read this part as their first book of the series. Nevertheless, if you want a full-on experience, I do recommend reading the author’s other works in the series. You surely won’t be disappointed.

– The Moving Words Review

I loved learning a little bit more about the main character’s unique skill of analyzing handwritings. Claire Cabot’s former training as a travel writer also shines through. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
– Amazon Customer

Claire Cabot has written a beautiful novel that combines the exotic locales of a James Bond movie with the multiple characters and plot lines of a Russian novel. Adelaide Stubbs, the protagonist, tours the globe, and the author exhibits her deep familiarity with faraway places, as detailed descriptions bring the settings vividly to life. And the myriad and varied cast of internationals weave a complex and compelling plot, with multiple threads forming a satisfying tapestry.

What brings an extra bit of fun to the adventure is a twist: Adelaide is a handwriting analyst, who uses her expertise as a window into the souls of people she encounters. Herman Rorschach, developer of the Inkblot Test, was asked what he would have used as a key to unlocking the secrets of the psyche if he had not happened upon the Inkblot Method. “Handwriting,” he replied. His fictional protege does the great psychologist proud.
– Amazon Customer

“Making a Killing” is a page-turner that takes the reader across four continents and delves into such arcane pursuits as handwriting analysis, market manipulation and big-time yachting. The complex plot involves more far-flung characters than a Shakespeare play, but Ms. Cabot brings them all together in a surprise denouement. A very pleasant and entertaining read.
– James K. Irvin

Literary Terrorist

This is a fun mystery story with the added joy of lots of armchair travel.

Really interesting detail about the many and varied places that the main characters of Adelaide Stubbs, handwriting analyst and her intrepid husband, Butch visit on their adventurous travels around the world.

And all of that thickened with excellent plot details and characters that keep the story gripping and well paced!
– Lynne M. Saporito

The mystery of the story totally draws you in and the exotic settings so vividly described . You are there, just a footstep behind the characters. Can’t wait to read author Claire Cabot’s next mystery. Liz W.
– Amazon Customer

A Short History of Ingredients: Second Edition

What an interesting way to look at food, recipes and ingredients. The history is fascinating, the recipes delicious & clearly written.
– K. Huff

I found Claire Cabot’s book very interesting. In an era where so many of us are concerned about where our food comes from, here is unique perspective. Claire Cabot asks, “Where do various ingredient come from?” If you were like me, you may have thought that all spices came to the West with Marco Polo or on the deck of a Spanish Galleon. These factoids are guaranteed to tickle your brain and please your pallet. Niles H.
– Niles Helmboldt

Cooking Through History: How to Host a Theme Party

“Cooking Through History” is a most extraordinary cookbook. Be forewarned, there are no pictures of food. But there are extremely detailed and comprehensive instructions on how to pull off successfully some very complex dinners. But this delightful book ia much more than that. For each group of recipes are surrounded by a web of narrative that contains history, culture, humor and humanity from an intellect that is completely consumed by curiosity and accomplishment. One concludes: “What could be more fun and exciting than to attend a Claire and Sam Cabot dinner party!”
– Martin Lugus

Oh my! I have just read this book and what a delightful read it is! Not only has Claire Cabot written an entertaining book, she’s thoroughly researched what would have been served for each of the notable figures in her book. Truly, this is not only a pleasure to read but also an educational read!
– Ellen G. Pastore

This informative, well organized and fun read is a must for anyone who loves to entertain. You will want to buy one for yourself, plus additional copies for your favorite foodies. Guaranteed to generate unique,unforgettable dinner parties!
– Hunter Reeser